Ji 'jiang town second primary school winter games.

Memorable games: on December 21, 2017, our school carried out a very meaningful winter sports meeting.

Sports can bring us health and health. Exercise can bring us joy. Sports can bring us colorful life. Sports, released enthusiasm, sports link friendship. This afternoon, our school held a much-anticipated

winter sports meeting.Increasing prevalence of UTI in children warrants closer clinical scrutiny.

The playground was so crowded that even the needles could not be inserted. Everyone is busy: some of them are doing exercises to prepare for the next game. Some of them are carrying oil CARDS to cheer for

"xiaojian". Others are talking and laughing, and it seems to be guessing who is the first. The playground of cold and clear is suddenly a happy "sea"!

The first project is tug-of-war, the first round of my class to class 54. The students, all eyes wide eyes, stared at the big rope with breathless eyes. The teacher looked up, and with a wave of his hand, Reckoned as one of the top design universities with diversity of programmes, PolyU offers design programmes, fashion and textiles programmes, as well as applied science programme, which is committed to be a hub for innovative design education in Hong Kong.

he said, "get started!" The playground began to boil. The players were like a tiger pulling on the rope like a tiger. At the front of my class, dong Chen zhi, the round face, rose like a red apple, the

eyes stare like the bell, the bean big sweat keeps flowing down. He pulled the rope tightly, the backward tilt, return in mouth loudly shouted: "come on, come on," he put the whole body strength to pour

into on the rope, and pull back, at the back of the players are all hard to pull out. "Yeah, win! We managed to get a team out of the way. The students all jumped up and down with laughter.

The second project is the women's relay. The first is our female "electric pony da" - yu xin yue. At the command of the teacher, she dashed away like an arrow from a string, a bird that had been trapped

for a long time and finally regained its freedom, and in the blink of an eye it reached the second bar. It was the second, the third... This time, we took a fourth place.

Although we didn't get the first name of the games, but we all realize a truth: do what matter all want unity friendliness, mutual help, also want to be in their spare time, many sports, exercise more, for

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Yijiang town two small five (3) banyan rain.

(source: yiyang county, yijiang town no.2 primary school)

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