We love sports in the second primary school winter sports meeting.

We love sports - - remember the winter sports meeting of the second primary school of the town.

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On December 21, 2017, the weather is clear and the sun seems to be affected by our enthusiasm! Facing the warm sunshine, the winter games of the second primary school of yjiang town, the 2017 winter games, The new polyu e admission portal is a one-stop platform aimed at handling applications of university degree courses. With PolyU e Admission, the application process is refined into three simple steps.

kicked off in the speech of the President of wu yibin.

All the teachers and students are involved, and many parents come together to cheer up the children. The whole scene is crowded with people.

This is our little cheerleader, although they did not play, but they are also small fighters, for class honor and fight!

This is the rope skipping race, look, the little contestants are ready, just wait for the referee to give the order, see some can't wait!

The whistle sounded, and they shook hands one by one. The teacher was counting the children, and the parents were cheering the children!

The children one by one how earnest, want to achieve good result, for the class glory! Come on, you guys are the best!

Immediately after I came to the tug-of-war, the judges were preparing for the game to begin!

Tug of war began, the long rope, link up with unity and friendship, you are my a loud slogans, pass each other the courage and strength, the footprints of each firm, deduce the students struggle and


The parents and the teachers shouted for the children!

Look, the lads are fighting hard, not only to win the game, but also to prove themselves! Come on!

The highlight was the relay race, where all the classes were in grade and boys and girls, and the place was full of people. Listen! The whistle goes, the game begins...

The athletes pushed forward like an arrow from a string!

You chase me, nobody wants to lag behind!

A little boy accidentally dropped the baton on the ground, and the audience couldn't help but sigh and cheer him up. I think it doesn't matter. It's the process of getting the kids to experience the game

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The little girl was obviously trained. Look, there's a lot of skill.

The relay baton is the key. The teacher is cheering for the students and reminding him to keep the stick steady.

Even the referee can't help cheering up the students, full of cheers!

Although the time of the sports meet is not long, but every wonderful moment we must bear in mind. I believe that through this activity, the teachers, students and parents are more emotional, the students

are more united, and our extended family is more connected!

Zheng bin, the second primary school in the town.

December 21, 2017.

(source: yiyang county, yijiang town no.2 primary school)

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